How to prepare your quilt for optimum finishing

  • ​​​Inspect the quilt top and backing fabric to make sure that all seams are secure and intact.

  • Remove loose threads and thread tails, because they can be visible through the quilt. Remove all pins. Remove all buttons and other embellishments.
  • The quilt top and back must be well pressed. All seams should lay flat.
  • Lay quilt top on a flat surface and make sure there are no puffy surfaces and ruffled edges, which can cause the fabric to pucker during quilting.
  • Backing must be at least 6" wider and 6" longer than the quilt top. Backing must be squared. Remove selvages to prevent pulling and puckering along seams. Do not use sheets for backing due to their high thread density.

pricing and easy calculations

  • Three current price rates:
  1. ​​$0.015 / sq. inch for edge-to-edge/all-over designs (i.e. stipples, loops, topographic, some leaves)
  2. $0.0225 / sq. inch for semi-custom designs
  3. $0.03 / sq. inch​ for custom designs
  • ​How to calculate: 1. Multiply the length of your quilt top by its width (in inches). This equals the total square inches of your quilt top.  2. Multiply the total square inches by the applicable price rate (above). This equals the basic charge for our quilting service.
  • For example: let's say a client requests semi-custom work on her 50" by 60" quilt.  50 x 60 = 3000 total sq. inches.  3000 x 0.0225 (semi-custom rate) = $67.50 (basic quilting service)


  • $50.00 minimum fee (this typically applies to small quilts less than 1,333 square inches)
  • If you don't have your own batting, we can provide Hobbs 80/20 batting (96" wide) at $10.00/yard. This would be an additional charge to the basic service.
  • No extra charge for thread, if in our inventory. The client is free to choose from our selection.
  • If you prefer the finished quilt shipped, a UPS fee will be added.

Call to make an appointment (541-896-3816)

  • We can meet you at the Quail's Nest Quiltworks shop or arrange to meet you at a location closer to your home (local to us).
  • Bring your quilt(s) and your dreams
  • Tell us your wants and desires
  • Ask us questions about designs, pricing, anything.
  • Feel free to ship your quilt to us -- and we'll ship it back to you when we're done!
  • We look forward to hearing from you.